Bespoke engineering

GP45 is part of a precision engineering company. We specialise in precision components for the aviation, motoring and manufacturing industries. This means we can design and manufacture your motorcycle race parts for all bikes on a bespoke basis right here in our factory in Somerset. Simply email Martin Thrower today with your questions.

Project case study: GP45 Aprilia road bike

There's been much discussion online that our GP45 kit would make a stunning road bike. One creative customer requested us to build just that from a 2008 Aprilia SXV450. We made several bespoke parts, sourced some unusual extras and made it all functional for the road. The result has created quite a stir as you'll see on our news and reviews page.

Donor Aprilia SXV450 2008
Forks Marzocchi USD 43mm race forks
Yokes GP45 Super Twin 'Gull Wing' race yokes
Wheels Marchesini magnesium GP race wheels from Ratthapark Wilairot's 250GP bike
Brakes Braking wavy discs with SXV radial calliper
Clipons GP45 race
Fairing GP45 SXV type
Seat GP45 SXV type (twin exhaust outlet)
Rear shock Standard Sachs, shortened to GP45 race spec
Rear sets Adjustable GP45 Super Twin race kit
Digital dash Race Technology Dash 2, includes revs, shift light, speed and gear indicator.
Fairing mounts GP45 Super Twin kit
Disc carriers Bespoke engineering
Tyres Michelin Pilot Pure, selected for light weight
Lights LED indicators, rear lights. Scooter headlights
Road kit Mirrors, built-in indicators
Fuel tank GP45 Super Twin race kit 10ltr, internal fuel pump from donor bike
Rear bobbins
Engine Standard
Paintwork Bespoke paintwork to customer spec
Weight 120Kg. 51% front, 49% rear

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